Are you seeking an opportunity to grow your massage business? Do you work well in a team atmosphere? Are you cooperative in sharing clients for the best fit to therapist?

To have the greatest positive impact, Craig Danehy extends his company’s services by welcoming highly qualified licensed massage therapists into his locations and supporting their growth. If you are a knowledgeable and licensed massage therapist who is capable of handling a growing client base with varied medical conditions, contact Mr. Danehy today to discuss rent options that work with your schedule.

Contact Mr. Danehy if you are a Licensed Massage Therapists who is motivated, well qualified, and a team player experienced in any of the following areas:

* Medical Massage

* Orthopedic Massage

* Swedish Massage

* Deep Tissue

* Neuromuscular Massage

* Sports Massage

* Pregnancy Massage

Renting space from Integrated Wellness Systems offers more than just a top-of-the-line table to work with. We offer a team of licensed massage therapists who support each other in professional growth and share the skills to succeed. If you are interested in providing medical therapeutic massage at Integrated Wellness Systems locations, contact Mr. Craig Danehy today!