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Craig Danehy Medical Massage Coordinator
“Our goal is to Create Optimal Health Through Wellness by providing Medical, Sports and Therapeutic Massage”

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To provide the best care at reasonable pricing, Integrated Wellness Systems offers medical, sports and stress buster packages. In addition we offer the following specials:
  • Holiday specials (discounts and buy one / get one at half price)
  • School massage discount programs are available upon request
  • Corporate massage discount programs include in-office services and package discounts.
IWS also maintains strong working relationships with health insurance companies. MVP has two plans under the Tri-Vantage program called Active Lifestyles and Healthy Alternative that cover 50% of the cost for twelve to twenty-four visits. MVP also provides $50.00-$100.00 reimbursement in a number of other plans. Excellus BC/BS Members Rewards offers discounts for initial sessions and packages.

Upon request, Integrated Wellness Systems also offers discounts and packages for patients without insurance coverage.

IWS has a Doctor Referral Program that offers $10 off an initial visit when referred by a Doctor. If you have been in a work-related accident or an auto-related accident, ask your doctor to fax a prescription to 585-227-7858 in order to participate in the Doctor Referral Program.

Prices and packages available:

Initial visit, consultation and treatment.    
Orthopedic $95      
Oncology $95      
Lymphatic drainage $85      
Standard Pricing: Duration: Price:  
Therapeutic Massage 90 minutes $95  
Medical/Deep Tissue Massage 60 minutes $70  
Therapeutic/Relaxation Massage 50 minutes $65  
Sports Rehabilitation 50 minutes $65  
Soft Tissue Massage 40 minutes $50  
Stress Relief Massage 30 minutes $40  
Discounted Packages:      
Therapeutic Four 90-minute massages $368 Save $12
Medical/Deep Tissue Six 60-minute massages $408 Save $12
Therapeutic/Relaxation Eight 50-minute massages $496 Save $24
Sports Rehabilitation Four 50-minute massages $248 Save $12
Soft Tissue Rehabilitation Four 40-minute massages $188 Save $12
Stress Builder package Six 30-minute massages $216 Save $24

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